Anders Dickson

Papillon La Nuit, 2020

38 x 46 cm

Acrylic on wood

Unique, signed und dated

Anders Dickson's painting interweaves elements from American culture, mythology, philosophy and urban and domestic spaces. Dickson's annual edition references the spiritual landscapes of African-American painter Joseph Yoakum (1890-1972). Inspired by the anthropomorphic quality in Yoakum's pictorial components such as hills and mountains, 'Papillon La Nuit' subtly alludes to a dream-like atmosphere and the world of mythical creatures in equal measure. Anders Dickson (b. 1988, Wisconsin, US) has had solo and group exhibitions at Galerie Christine Mayer, Munich; Balice Hertling, Paris (2020); Wschód, Warsaw; De Ateliers, Amsterdam (2019); Vleeshal, Middelburg and Galerie Gisela Capitain, Cologne (2018), among others. Dickson lives and works in Paris.

Anders Dickson, Papillon La Nuit, 2020

Anders Dickson, Papillon La Nuit, 2020