60 years Bonner Kunstverein

November 10 – 11, 2023, 6 PM – 12 AM

Christian Flamm, 2023

Christian Flamm, 2023

Bonner Kunstverein was founded in 1963 by artists and members of the public committed to contemporary art and the idea of a collective structure to commission, show and support artists. This is an event hosted and staged together with our members. 

As part of this evening, we are setting up a framework and an experiment of coming together – of that which can happen when we as a Verein join in with our now over thousand members to stage an evening which is generated from within our resources and means, radiating outwards.

The 10th November marks a celebration of the Kunstverein, a moment to reflect on its history and to activate one of its foundational principles: the unfolding, challenging and beautiful negotiations of collective making.

The event is open, and you are warmly welcome. We will also be sharing a more detailed programme closer to the time - for now we are in a joint production mode.