Tobias Hohn, Stanton Taylor

Bootleg #02 (freestanding lamp), 2018

24 x 110 cm up to 244 cm (variable)

Readymade Assemblage

Ed. 30, with certificate

Bootleg #02 (freestanding lamp) is part of an ongoing series of ‚functional‘ sculptures assembled from mass-produced commodities. Bootleg #02 is a freestanding lamp assembled from an adjustable microphone stand and clip, an extension cable, and LED lamp. The components each coincidentally conform to the same standard dimensions and accordingly fit together without requiring adaptation. Tobias Hohn (born 1991, Prüm) and Stanton Taylor (born 1990, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago) held a solo exhibition at Bonner Kunstverein in 2018. Their work has also been presented at the Siren Performance Festival Berlin (2016) and at Museum Abteiberg Mönchengladbach (2016). They were awarded the Kunstverein’s Peter Mertes Stipendium in 2017. They live and work in Düsseldorf.

Tobias Hohn, Stanton Taylor, ‘Bootleg #02 (freestanding lamp)

Tobias Hohn, Stanton Taylor, ‘Bootleg #02 (freestanding lamp)