Oliver Schuß

Rotlichtlampe, 2017

29.7 x 21 cm (framed)

Pencil on paper

Unique, signed and dated

As different as Oliver Schuß's sculptures, wall objects and drawings may appear at first glance, they share a common interest in questions of spatiality, the interaction between object and space and the boundary between openness and seclusion. The two motifs in Schuß's photorealistic drawings are also not only about reproducing them as accurately as possible, but also about their intimate staging on a white sheet of paper. Oliver Schuß (born 1985, Eisenhüttenstadt) is part of the studio of the Bonner Kunstverein. He lives and works in Bonn.

Oliver Schuß, Rotlichtlampe, 2017

Oliver Schuß, Rotlichtlampe, 2017