Behrang Karimi

Sink, 2020

40 x 35 cm

Oil on canvas

Unique, signed and dated

The work of Behrang Karimi has a particular mood and intensity of presence. There are moments when it is leaning into a contemplative, if not sacred space – where the figures are turning inwards. In other cases, the form of reality depicted is more frontal. In his series of transfer prints, Untitled 2021, a rubber glove left behind in a public bathroom by a cleaner is depicted in dark black on Kraft paper. The rendering both isolates and elevates the remnants of a largely unseen form of labour, whilst being carefully attuned to the fetishising habits of the gaze. Behrang Karimi (b. 1980, Shiraz, IR) has had solo and group exhibitions at Braunsfelder, Cologne (2021); Andrew Kreps Gallery, New York (2021); Zarinbal Khoshbakht, Cologne (2020); and Maureen Paley, London (2019). He lives and works in Cologne.

Sink, 2020