Catherine Mulligan

Preppy, 2021

44.5 × 30.5 cm

Oil on masonite

Unique, signed, dated

3,600 €

Catherine Mulligan’s figurative portraits and collage paintings are completed in a rawness and undiluted fury that are resonant of the subject matter they contain. Sex workers, young girls, back room scenes, promotional material for night clubs and strip clubs, Mulligan’s paintings focus on a positivity that is both dark in nature and atmosphere yet becomes the fuel for the lived day. The figures and materials in her work then become less objectified and more idyllic in nature, where the area of the night can be one for play it can just as equally be one of spiritual reconnaissance. Catherine Mulligan lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. She received her MFA from University of Indiana in 2019. Her work has been shown at H.G. Gallery, Chicago (2021); Gern en Regalia, New York (2021), and will be displayed at the new gallery for Queer Thoughts, New York (2022).

Preppy, 2021